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We get it — as a homeowner, window screens aren’t always at the top of your priority list. But those screens do a lot more than let you enjoy the scent of summer rain. Keeping your screens in top shape can also help you protect other investments you’ve made in your home.

It’s natural to want to get the most life you can from your screens. But when they can no longer fulfill their purpose, you’ll probably start noticing some subtle — and some not-so-subtle — warning signs. In this guide, we’ll provide expert tips on how to maintain them properly and when it’s time to replace them.

Why Are Good Window Screens Important?

Window screens are an important line of defense for your home. They help keep pests and harmful UV-rays out while letting fresh air in. Quality window screens can help protect your furniture from fading, prolong the life of your glass windows, and lower your energy bills in the summer. 

It’s true — your neighbors will probably never notice your nice, new window screens. But there are plenty of ways you’ll notice when they need to be replaced. 

Signs You Need Replacement Window Screens

Generally speaking, if your screens are over ten years old, it may be time to rescreen or replace them. However, that timeline could vary depending on the quality of your screens, your home, and its location. 

You should replace your window screens if you notice any of these signs: 

  1. Damage
  2. More household pests
  3. They're difficult to remove
  4. They've changed color
  5. Change in energy use

Let’s explore each of these in a bit more detail so you know exactly what to look for. 


When you get the chance — and when the weather allows — take a look at your screens from the inside and outside of your home. Keep an eye out for bent frames and torn or sagging screens, and keep a detailed inventory of every window that clearly needs screen repair or replacement. Some bent screens that are otherwise in excellent shape can still be salvaged, and rescreening can often breathe new life into them. When in doubt, have a screen expert take a look. 

More Household Pests

Have you seen more bugs in your home than usual? Don’t automatically blame the kids! It may be a sign that your screens aren’t doing their job. Bugs can make their way through even a tiny tear — one that may not be noticeable on your initial visual inspection.

They're Difficult to Remove

You may not be able to tell that a screen is warped until it’s time to clean your windows. If you struggle to remove any of your screens, it may be time to replace them. 

They've Changed Color

Depending on the type of screens you have, they may fade or become discolored over time. If you notice a change in color, it's a sign that your screens are no longer able to do their job properly, and it's time for rescreening or replacement.

Change in Energy Use

This one may be tricky, as energy bills can fluctuate for many reasons. However, all things being equal, if your energy bills are going up in the summer without a change in utility rate or weather conditions, one culprit may be aging screens

How to Get the Most Out of Your Screens

If you find you need to get replacements made, there are ways you can get more life from your new screens than you did with your old ones. Our experts always recommend investing in high-quality screens made from durable materials, handling them gently, and keeping them free of water and dirt. 

If you see any small tears, have them rescreened quickly so that small problems don’t become bigger ones. And if you haven’t been removing your screens for the winter months, start.

Are any of these on your list of favorite things to do? Probably not. But you can add years of life to your window screens, which may help you add years of life to your furniture, carpet, and windows as well. Like most homeowner chores, maintaining your screens properly will help keep bigger repairs and replacements to a minimum. 

And here's one final pro tip: The best time to get your window screens repaired is when you remove them for winter. You won't need them anyway, and on that first warm spring day, your screens will be ready install. Plus, most homeowners do the opposite, so you'll beat the spring rush! 

The Easiest Way to Replace or Repair Your Screens

If your window screens — or storm windows, for that matter — need to be repaired or replaced completely, and your home is located in central Minnesota, our window experts can help. You’re welcome to bring torn, warped, or sagging screens to our location, or we can come to you.

We’ve been in business for over 70 years, and looking after the beautiful older homes in our area is a special point of pride for us. Our experts have seen it all, and we do our best to keep hard-to-find parts and pieces in stock. If replacing or repairing your window screens is on your never-ending to-do list, we can help you cross this one off the easy way! 

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