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Floor plans that flow seamlessly from one area to the next encourage a sense of togetherness and welcome more natural light. But while open concepts make for stunning design magazine layouts, they have a few drawbacks: privacy is harder to come by, and it’s difficult to define separate living areas without also losing the best parts of an open floor plan. 

There is an ingenious but frequently overlooked solution that can create separation without obstruction — pattern or frosted glass. And even if you don’t have an open floor plan, pattern glass can solve a variety of design challenges for home offices and shared bathrooms. 

What Is Pattern Glass?

Pattern glass is also known as textured glass. And instead of smooth, clear glass, pattern glass is textured on one or both sides. 

Some examples of pattern glass styles include:

  • Frosted
  • Etched
  • Ribbed
  • Reeded
  • Rain
  • Hammered

Various types of pattern glass

Benefits of Pattern Glass

Because pattern glass is less translucent, it allows light in but can help define spaces and add an element of privacy, which makes it especially advantageous for open floor plans and studio spaces. 

However, homeowners with more traditional layouts still may find a number of ways that incorporating pattern or frosted glass is beneficial.

The Top 6 Ways To Incorporate Pattern or Frosted Glass

At East Side Glass, our experts have worked with homeowners, commercial businesses, and interior designers to craft stunning custom designs. One of the many things we love about glass is you’re typically only limited by your imagination. 

However, here are the 6 most common ways pattern glass can be a successful addition to your home:

  1. Glass Wall Panels
  2. Glass Etching Designs 
  3. Glass Kitchen Cabinetry
  4. Frosted Glass Doors
  5. Glass Partition Walls
  6. Glass Shower Doors
We’ll explore each of these a bit further and offer some expert tips and design inspirations below. 

1. Glass Wall Panels

Glass wall panels are highly effective at blocking sound without blocking light, which is why they’re perfect for many business applications. However, many homeowners are now incorporating them into their spaces for the same reasons. 

They’re an ideal way of carving out a private workspace without making a room appear smaller. And as an added bonus, glass wall panels make it easier for family members to see when they can interact with you and when you shouldn’t be disturbed. With pattern glass, you can also choose a style that gives you as much or as little translucence as you want. 

2. Glass Etching Designs 

While some homeowners love the contemporary look glass can give a home, pattern glass, and more specifically, glass etching can make new glass elements fit right in with traditional design. Glass etching can add a timeless quality to cabinetry, doors, and more. 

Image of etched glass in cabinetry

3. Glass Kitchen Cabinetry

Open shelving can be beautiful, but it can be an additional burden to keep contents tidy. Opting for pattern glass cabinetry can help you achieve the light and airy look of open shelves while hiding useful (but not always attractive) kitchen items. 

4. Frosted Glass Doors

Have a windowless basement office? If your office is already walled off from the rest of your space, frosted glass doors can help you achieve more separation while letting more light in. 

Frosted glass doors are also a helpful addition to shared bathrooms, adding an element of privacy without making your bathroom look smaller.

5. Glass Partition Walls

Much like frosted glass doors, pattern glass partition walls can create separation and privacy, but they allow for easier traffic flow. While they’re commonly used in bathrooms, they can also be very useful in open-concept floorplans and studio apartments. For example, you might use a glass partition to separate sleeping and living areas or closet spaces.  

Image of a glass partition wall in a studio space

6. Glass Shower Doors

Of course, one of the most common ways pattern glass is used is with framed or frameless shower doors. Perfectly translucent showers are stunning, but they aren’t always the right solution for shared spaces and busy mornings. If you love the look of a glass shower but would like a bit more privacy, our experts can design a custom solution that works well for your family. Browse our gallery for design ideas. 

Custom Glass Expertise in Central MN

At East Side Glass, our experts have been proudly serving central Minnesota for over 70 years. If you’re thinking of incorporating any of these ideas into your home, we can make your next steps simple. 

We have a wide range of pattern glass available in the shop, but if you’re looking for something we don’t typically stock, let us know! We are usually able to track it down if you provide us with a picture or a name. 

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